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Hi, I'm Larry from Gambling Systems Reviews and here is a brief history of our service...

I founded GSR in 2007. My intention was to set out to review products and tipster services that were available for the punter to buy from the internet.

The whole purpose of our reviews were to be independent and accurate. This would allow the average punter looking for some help with his betting to make informed decisions when purchasing.

Over the years the process of reviewing has not worked out. To put it in a nutshell there are very few products out there that make a profit and there are plenty of charlatans looking to rip people off.

The GSR team and myself were spending many hundreds of hours reviewing products that had no returns that it became simply a waste of resources and time as we had no end product.

In addition to this when we pointed out some of the “so called gurus” marketing ways we subject to threats and abuse, something that continues to this day. You don’t see us involved in the big launches as we have been ostracised by the industry for telling the truth.


The facts are there are a number of individuals who prey on gamblers. They issue 3 or 4 products a year amongst their mates in big launches and pocket 5 figure sums for themselves whilst the poor punter loses. The product is removed after about 3 months and the process repeats.

They portray themselves as “looking after the punters interest” even to the extent they may pretend to review products themselves and then launch a product that has not been subject to review.

They have copied our model time and time again, even putting our name which was purchased in 2007 as their email list but missing out one letter so they can portray themselves as us or a site similar. You just need to click your “change subscriber link” to see where you really signed up.

So all in we had to change from this depressing situation. The charlatans will always be there and we can only hope that the “informed punter” avoids them, develops a longer memory and gives them a swerve” The mug punters I guess will continue to sign up.

We will continue to review and keep an eye on products in the background and inform you by way of our newsletters of anything we deem you should avoid. However we will not be devoting so much time to this.

We will be devoting our time rather than in the negative to actually bringing you products that work and make the average punter profit. In our time online we have made numerous contacts and been contacted by several great tipsters across a number of sports. We put them through intensive proofing of a year or more and only then would we make that service available. In 18 months so far we only have 8 such services running and all are in profit since going live.

We will always allow you to sample any tipster we are considering taking live for FREE first so you can see if it suits you.

We will always send daily FREE TIPS which we have done over last year and accumulated over 150 points of profit for our readers at no cost whatsoever.

So if you wish to just have a bet on the golf on a Wednesday, follow the horses daily, have a weekend football or horse racing bet, Gambling Systems reviews will always have your back.

We will always be honest, up front and offer sound advice that you can bet at the right price. We will always bet our services ourselves as we actually make our money betting, not launching huge products.

If you want a genuine site for the punter, run by the punter then please drop your email in the box on the home page and I will send you free info. You can then look at giving one of our services a try if it suits you.

Thanks for reading!

Larry & The GSR Team


“I have been at the coal face of pro betting for more years than I care to remember and in all that time 1 or 2 services have surfaced that I would call at best half decent, however there are two that I would describe as awesome & that’s is your FIVE STAR KINGS & your GSR Portfolio Service! On some days the results has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up especially the Irish Selections! I like the way it ticks along winning & losing a few points here and there and then we get a massive profit surge like today 5th August of a whopping +47.85 points and at level stakes - unbelievable! The balance and quality of the tipsters under your GSR umbrella is such that these big surges in profit are going to happen quite often. So if anyone is serious about making money from the sport of kings then it’s a no brainer. To sum up the FIVE STAR KINGS & GSR Portfolio services are a triple AAA rated services in my opinion and hence why I recommend it to my members almost daily”

Andrew David
Proprietor of the Award Winning Service LITTLE ACORNS

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